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Imagine if we could help all military and emergency services veterans recover from, or cope with, their wounds. These brave men and women volunteered to serve our country, to put themselves in harm’s way, in order to keep our country safe, or to defend our country’s interests and values overseas. No one serves expecting to be supported after sustaining an operational wound.

The truth is they deserve to be and should be allowed to enjoy a normal life, instead of suffering in silence unsupported.

We at V2V Black Hops Brewery have a uniquely special concept which is markedly different from all other brewing companies. We are a Nonprofit Society and are mostly staffed by Canadian veterans. We were formed on June 14, 2018 and have had beer on the market since November 2018. Our mission is to brew and sell quality beer and dedicate a portion of the proceeds to helping support Canadian soldiers, sailors, airmen, and first responders’ programs. We are not in this for ourselves. We are in this for the benefit of others; our ‘brothers and sisters-in-arms’. A substantial percentage of the revenue from all our products is donated to help support veterans’ rehabilitative programs.

Our brave Canadian military and first-responders epitomize many of our country’s key values. While in the service of our country, we veterans have sacrificed, not only our own safety and our family relationships, but many of us have sacrificed our lives. For too many, being exposed to war and the constant threat of death or injury comes with a price, often in the form of psychological and/or physical wounds. Of the veterans who do ask for help, many still cannot get the benefits they require in order to lead normal lives. Instead, they suffer in silence. Their lives, jobs and families fall apart. Some veterans find themselves on the street. Others choose to end their lives. As of the date of this letter we have lost 163 veterans to suicide It is now time to change this! V2V Black Hops Brewing wants to support wounded military and first-responders so they get the help they need. We ask you to help us help them. All you have to do is order our amazingly good beer and you will be giving back. You get great beer, they get your support!

As a sponsor/donor or partner, you will be helping a cause many Canadians feel very strongly about, as well as being more visible in the community as a socially responsible and supportive organization. Additionally, as an ally of V2V Black Hops Brewing, we will give your organization further exposure, advertising your company through our presence at large-scale sporting, musical, cultural and other events where thousands of your existing and potential customers will see you as one of our valued partners.

Currently, we are helping to support Cockrell House, a homeless veterans’ shelter in Colwood, BC, and Can Praxis, the original Equine Therapy program for both military and first responder veterans (and their spouses) suffering from PTSD and other Operational Stress Injuries.
Thank you very much for your time.
Graeme Hafey, CD
V2V Black Hops Brewing
Cell: 778-677-3012
Website: https://v2vblackhopsbrewing.ca
Instagram: V2V_Black_Hops_Brewing
Twitter: @V2vBlack

The need to keep our immune systems strong to fight off infection and improve our resilience is critical now more than ever. While physical distancing and hand hygiene are the best ways to protect yourself, there are some things you can do to support your immune function as well.
The Vets Brigade is very proud to announce its partnership with Alvera Inc., and Three Feather Naturals who have entered into a Joint Venture to further develop immune system boosting enhanced natural products.
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The Vets Brigade is extremely pleased to announce that it has negotiated with Alvera and Three Feathers Naturals, that for every bottle of immune boosting product sold, a percentage will go toward veterans’ organizations that are supported by the Vets Brigade
The Vets Brigade is dedicated to the well-being of Vets and their families. Its strategic intent is to keep Vets updated on current policy, the passage of timely information, promote Vets Businesses, and to promote the great military history of Canada and its allies.
Please check out the following links to the immune boosting natural products.
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