The Vets Brigade

Situation: When Veterans transition into civilian life there is a void of information, and resources that are available to meet their new position in life.

Mission: By empowering Veterans, the Vets Brigade Mission is to provide Vets and their families with access to educational material, life coaching, employment guidance, how to access health care services and wellness products.
Vision: Is to put in place a primary care delivery model for our target population that:

  • optimizes the health and wellness outcomes of Veterans, their families and the families of serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • provides a platform for continuous information and assistance; and
  • has a continuous quality improvement process, so Veterans are kept up to date on information.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Improve the Health and Wellness of the Veterans, their families, and serving members families;
  • Optimize access to information for Vets;
  • Optimize the use of resources and alignment of our partners; and
  • Optimize research, and technology.
The Vets Brigade

The Vets Brigade is committed to helping veterans transition smoothly into civilian life as well as ensuring that they will have access to training, obtaining new skills (within the agriculture environment) and innovative medical care and ensuring Veterans are kept up to date on information that is relative to them.

Our Team has taken on this responsibility of advising, developing and implementing a model that is reflective of veterans’ needs.

What makes our model unique is that we are not only focused on retired members of the military, but we hope to provide services to all retired first responders in Canada such as RCMP, Police officers, firefighters, Emergency medical technicians, families of veterans and the families of serving members.

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The Vets Brigade is dedicated to the well-being of Vets and their families. Its strategic intent is to keep Vets updated on current policy, the passage of timely information, promote Vets Businesses, and to promote the great military history of Canada and its allies.
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